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Clam Bar at Napeague

May 30th, 2009 — 8:32pm

Do you remember the episode where Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda from Sex And The City went to the Hamptons and ate at the clam bar?  Well, it’s not just a stage.  Clam bars do exist but mostly during the summer time.  One of the most popular clam bars is located on the Napeague’s called Clam Bar on Montauk Hwy.  You’ll see it on your left as your driving towards the South Fork on Long Island.  But, don’t expect to be at a fancy restaurant.  What you can expect is unbelievably delicious dishes like their New England clam chowder and other seafood specials (I highly recommend the fish and chips and the lobster salad roll).

The Clam Bar embodies the spirit of summer at the beach where friends and families gather at the end of the day.  This hot spot is only open during the summer where you can enjoy the roadside service. I’m getting so HUNGRY just talking about it!


clam bar

2025 Montauk Hwy


clam bar

My sister and I took a photo while waiting for our food.  We were so anxious that day!  On our way back, we grabbed fresh watermelon juice from Fondita…Oh, how I love summer in the Hamptons.


clam bar

The summers are usually hot and sunny but it was a little chilly this day.  But, we didn’t care.  It was worth it!

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Burger Joint at the Meridien

May 24th, 2009 — 6:38pm

There’s a place you may not know about in the Le Meridien hotel in NYC..called Burger Joint.  What a spectacular joint this place is!  They’re famous for their burgers (only hamburgers and cheeseburgers available), fries, and soft drinks…and that’s all they sell.  My friend Jan dragged me here for lunch one day, but it was worth the visit.  Most of the time, you’ll have to wait in the ridiculous line (can you believe it..the line goes out the door!), but it doesn’t take too long to order your food.  As you walk in, all the walls are reserved and autographed by the celebrities that come by to eat.  If you make it out there, you must visit Burger Joint!

And, after your done, take a stroll a couple of blocks to Fifth Avenue and do some shopping!



118 West 57th Street

Here’s a view at the counter.  This is not a five star restaurant, it’s quick and easy and you help yourself.  When you walk in, you will notice that everyone is there for the same reason…the juicy, mouth-watering burgers and fries.  

burger joint

This is the sandwich I always order…cheeseburger, medium-rare, with everything minus the mayo, fries, and a coke. Delicious!  


burger joint

Here’s Jan eating her own burger behind one of the famous walls.  Some of the autographs you will see are from Rihanna, Leona Lewis, and Ashton Kutcher.  When you’re there, see who else you can find.

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J Brand Fits

May 23rd, 2009 — 4:51pm

Gosh, I remember when I purchased my very first J Brand jeans at Barney’s.  I was thrilled have my very own pair!  My girlfriends and I were in the fitting room trying on every single pair in every single style.  With a lot of hard work, I FINALLY found the perfect fit!  All of their styles have a clean and classic style while keeping up with trends of the premium jeans market.  Best of all, they’re flattering to your physique.  

Next month, DOLCE will be featuring J Brand with several different fits and washes to fulfill your wardrobe needs – Love Story, 12″ Skinny, and the Cigarette.  The Love Story is wonderful for many of you who may not possess super-long legs as the length can be adjusted.  Also, a cool update on a classic jean style is the 12″ Skinny..this design will hug your curves in ultrasoft and stretchy construction…And, this soft pair comes in a long length ideal for pairing with stilettos or flats. This style flatters most slim to medium body types, with wrinkle detailing at the hips completing the look.  And, the 14″ cigarette leg proves that the denim movement toward straight and skinny is hardly a trend.  This pair has a similar fit to the 12″ Skinny; however, is longer in length to go over your stilettos.


Some different styles…


If you didn’t know…jeans were initially made for sailors because they could be worn wet or dry.  Back then, jeans were laundered by dragging them in large mesh nets behind the ship, and the exposure to sea water and sun would gradually bleach them to white.

Also, Levi Strauss was the first to sell blue jeans to the mining communities in California back in the 1850′s.  It’s rare but you can still find vintage jeans from the mining days…I’ve sold one for $695!



Okay, so we may not have the same body as Gisele but we can look as just as adorable.  Instead of wearing a tank with your favorite denim, add a jacket, cardigan, or a scarf with it.  It looks more polished and gives your wardrobe a variety of looks. 


Jeans should be a staple in every woman’s closet.  It’s also important to invest a pair that fits to your body curves. Now that summer’s here, hike your jeans up with your ‘can’t live without’ Christian Louboutin (if you don’t own a pair, save your money and buy one!) pumps or your favorite Converse.  Jeans are so versatile!


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What’s Your Sign?

May 14th, 2009 — 10:11pm

We’ve always had a fascination for zodiac signs..some more than others.  Zodiac signs are fun to read about but you shouldn’t base everything from what it says.  It’s a general representation of your personality traits.  Don’t get’s not all accurate.   But, it does give you a general idea of who you are and what others are like.

Next week, DOLCE will be receiving Asha’s Zodiac Pendants…18-karat gold vermeil with a white opalescent center etched with a zodiac sign which gives it an iridescent glow…PERFECT to wear with your outfits!  This necklace is an absolute must-have for when you’re wearing the simple tanks and tees or layer it with your other necklaces.  Don’t you want one with your sign, your other half’s, or your child’s sign?  It’s F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!

About the designer…Asha studied art history in Paris and Florence and launched her jewelry collection in NYC.    Many of her designs are interpretations of architectural motifs and also of vintage pieces found in New York and travels abroad.



Here are all the zodiacs available in the 30″ necklace.  $295

zodia pendant

This is me..PISCES!  Btw, I love staring at fishes at the aquariums and I as a child, it was difficult to get me out of the water; whether in the bathtub or swimming at the beach. You had to yell ‘SHARK!’ to get me out.

Zodiac Pendant

 What’s your sign?

  • Aries  “the ram”  (March 21- April 20)

You have a great enthusiasm and passion for all that life has to offer, you know exactly what you want and are not afraid to go after it.

  • Taurus  “the bull”  (April 21 – May 21)

You have a great deal of passion and loyalty.  While you are quick to anger, you are just as quick to forgive.  You are extremely stubborn and determined which makes it hard for you to understand viewpoints that differ from your own.

  • Gemini  “the twins”  (May 22 – June 21)

You have no trouble taking things in stride, but you like a peaceful balance in your life.  You are a great communicator, are very open to new ideas, and have a strong desire to learn.

  • Cancer  “the crab”  (June 22 – July 22)

You have a lot of patience and understanding of others. You hate to see pain and suffering in others. You love to nurture and help others, but you hide your own feelings in an effort to avoid conflict. 

  • Leo  “the lion”  (July 23 – August 21)

While you are always willing to give, you don’t like it when people ask for things.  You like material goods and you desire a mate that puts you on a pedestal.

  • Virgo  “the virgin”  (August 22 – September 23)

You may be a bit of a perfectionist.  You love to organize and plan and you thrive on hard work.  You always need to have the last word and you can sometimes be oversensitive.

  • Libra  “the scales”  (September 24 – October 23)

You thrive on balance in all aspects of your life.  You have a great deal of passion and when it comes to love, you like to play games.

  • Scorpio  “the scorpion”  (October 24 – November 22)

You are shrouded in mystery, but you have a lot of trouble expressing your feelings.  You are very loyal and possessive, and you become jealous very easily.   You have a great deal of courage and are very clear on what you want and how to get it.

  • Sagittarius  “the archer”  (November 23 – December 22)

You have an aptitude for honesty and like the simple things in life.  You can be extremely stubborn and you have a tendency to say too much.  You set very high standards for yourself and others and can sometimes be unreasonable.

  • Capricorn  “the goat”  (December 23 – January 20)

Excellent in matters of business, protective of loved ones and belongings, but you have a tendency to worry too much.

  • Aquarius  “the water bearer”  (January 21 – February 19)

 You are very honorable and when you make a decision, you stick by it. You are very considerate of others and their opinions. You are very independent with a very active, sometimes overactive, imagination.

  • Pisces  “the fish”  (February 20 – March 20)

You have a great deal of compassion for others and are always willing to help those in need. You have a great generosity, sometimes so great that you neglect yourself while giving to others. You also have a stubborn side, though, which serves to protect you from being taken advantage of by those you help.

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“Beirn, Baby, Beirn”

May 11th, 2009 — 9:21pm

I believe you can’t have enough bags in your closet…every woman needs a variety of hobos, totes, and clutches in all sorts of colors! Of course, the basic black and brown are a ‘must-have’ in the accessories department, nevertheless, the hues of the rainbow are just as important.  Especially since summer is right around the corner!

Fabulous news…DOLCE will be carrying a new collection of bags called “Beirn”(pronounced as burn) made from Indonesian watersnake and coated with Mowilex to enhance the richness in color.  And, they’re available in 25 colors.  Oh my!

Beirn has made headlines all over NYC and received a ton of press as the ‘Must-have’ bag!   I have one too!!  There’s a style for everyone…the favorite “Jenna” hobo, the mini-me “Emma,” and the classic tote “Grace.”  You have to get one!



Jenna (available in black, espresso, grey white, grape, cobalt, yellow, gold) $320

Don’t be afraid to use vivid colors this summer…such as yellow,cobalt, and gold.  This is the perfect everyday bag!

Beirn Grace

Grace (available in black only; $425)

This is the tote to have!  It also comes with a small wallet attached.  It’s an open tote perfect for throwing your necessities in.

Beirn Emma

Emma (available in grape, black, and espresso; $295)

Emma is a mini-me version of the Jenna hobo.  If you’re traveling lightly, this is the bag for you!


Beirn Headband

Headband (available in hot pink, turquoise, yellow, black, espresso, white silver, gold, and slate gold; $30 – $35)

Use it when your hair is down or in a pony tail.

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